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Newport Marketing in Southern California helps nonprofits and small businesses succeed through business strategy, digital marketing, and fundraising.

About us

Every organization is ultimately about hope — hope of success, financial growth, and achieving your mission. 

At Newport Marketing, our mission is to help you achieve your mission through digital marketing and SEO solutions. We are the digital marketing leaders in Southern California.

We cater specifically to nonprofits and small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for ways to increase their online presence. Our SEO strategies are a cost-effective way to promote your brand, manage your online reputation, and reach your target market. We increase website traffic and build trust that inspires customers to come back.

In addition to digital solutions, we provide nonprofit consulting and marketing. Our unmatched expertise lets us create fundraising and event promotion plans that make your brand more visible to the right donors and advocates. 

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Experience Real, Tangible Results

Our Southern California-based agency works with an array of emerging startups, challenger brands, and forward-thinking enterprises. We forge close business relationships with each one to have a better understanding of their goals. As a result, our marketing solutions contribute to their success.

You will experience how our digital marketing strategies raise your brand to an unprecedented level of success. We specifically cater to small and medium-sized business like yours. We know how to capture the interest of your target market. We effectively convert through search and social media, enabling you to gain repeat traffic and generate strong brand loyalty from your online followers.

All the Digital Solutions You Need Under One Roof

Online marketing is always evolving and social media is rapidly expanding. As such, small business owners are realizing the need for digital marketing to stand out online and get ahead of the competition. Our digital agency provides the support and advice you need to achieve your marketing goals.
We can generate a short-term campaign that gets your name out there. We can create a long-term business marketing plan to maintain high rankings on search engines. Tell us about your business goals and marketing concerns — we are happy to discuss your next step in the digital world.


Search engine optimization is the lifeblood of our digital marketing strategies. We conduct thorough keyword research and content gap analysis to figure out how to increase your search engine visibility and improve the readability of your content. As a result, your website ranks higher and catches the attention of more online users.

Web design

Designing your own website might seem more cost-effective. In the long run, however, you gain better credibility and more revenue when you work with an experienced web designer. Tell us your brand image and how you want your website to look like. Our designers will not only make it look flawless but also ensure it’s user-friendly.


Whereas SEO generates organic traffic, pay-per-click advertising is the way to go when you want to instantly appear on top of search engine results. This digital marketing tool uses targeted keywords, generating ads that match what your audience needs. The best part about it is you only pay for every click on your ad.

Google Ad Grants

Nonprofits can receive $10,000 a month of free advertising from Google. Earning the full dollar amount is difficult. You need unique search campaigns to match your services and programs. We will help you grow your grant dollars to maximize your impact.

Social Media

What’s a better way to connect with your target audience than on the social media platforms they most commonly use? Our team collaborates with you to gain insights on your demographics and buyer persona. This allows us to create a social media marketing campaign that resonates with your audience and that they would be interested in sharing.

Reputation Management

Digital marketing is not entirely about promoting your brand and getting your name out there. It is also about checking the online content that already leads to your website and making sure it is good for business. We provide online reputation management services so that we can monitor and influence your online presence.

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Trust Only the Best People for the Job

The secret to success is selecting the best people for your team. Newport Marketing stands by this — we have a team of content creators and innovative technologists who speak the digital language. We know how search engines work and we have no trouble keeping up with constantly changing search engine algorithms. As a result, we generate results that you will be happy with.

Hope is a major propeller of any business — the hope to succeed, grow financially, and reach your goals. We help you achieve those goals. Team up with our hard-working crew today.

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Let’s Work on Your Digital Goals

Newport Marketing offers a level of expertise that blows away your competition. Work with us and get a free SEO audit, a free marketing consult, or one hour of free nonprofit consulting every month.

Newport Marketing is a Southern California-based digital marketing agency that focuses on the success of nonprofits and small & medium businesses. We are well-versed in the digital world and committed to driving real results.

When you choose our team to grow your online presence, expect a clear and efficient way to the top of search rankings. We explore all possible options and create a digital marketing strategy that best addresses your online concerns and complements your existing digital presence. Whether you run a for-profit or nonprofit organization, our priority is your growth.

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