Chart Your Course To Success With A Strategic Plan For Your Nonprofit

nonprofit strategic plans
nonprofit strategic plans
nonprofit strategic plan

Define your mission, set your goals, focus on your projects, and achieve your objectives.

Unique nonprofit strategic plans created for your organization.

Too often urgent things crowd out important things. This is especially true in nonprofit organizations with limited staff and resources. 

Mission-driven organizations need to make sure their activities are furthering the mission.  And often they need to decide on what activities are no longer important.

Successful nonprofits spend money and effort on their most important objectives. But first, you need to define what those are.

Your organization needs a strategic plan to ensure its success.

What is included in a strategic plan?

A documented strategic plan details:

  • Your organization’s mission & vision
  • Your organization’s key values
  • Your organization’s key focus areas & programs
  • Your organization’s objectives & KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Your organization’s main projects for the year
  • Your organization’s needs to accomplish the projects
  • Your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Your organization’s logic model
  • Your organization’s priorities about what to do, what to stop doing, and what to outsource to others
A good strategic plan also has these qualities:
  • It is precise enough to be documented on a page or two
  • It is simple enough to be explained in a paragraph
  • It is comprehensive enough to cover all the details needed for success
  • It is realistic enough to be accomplished with the resources available
  • It is specific enough to chart the next actions of the organization
  • It is time-based to show when goals will be met
  • It is data-driven and anchored to real-world facts
  • It is summarized visually
  • It is available to key stakeholders at any time
  • It is achievable by proving the cause and effect of actions
  • It is a living document that can change and be improved as needed

Newport Marketing works with nonprofit boards and leaders to create strategic plans that revolutionize organizations. 

We offer pro bono & paid consulting services to nonprofits that are hungry to grow. We will create plans for your strategy, fundraising, marketing, operations, programs, board development, and more.

Our strategic planning services start at $5,000 with custom packages and pricing available. We are also available for ongoing consulting to ensure success throughout your journey.

We give all nonprofits a free consultation to see if our strategic planning services are a good fit for you.  You’re here to change the world, let’s get started today.


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