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Professional Web Design Helps Your Business or Nonprofit Grow

We’re the experts in website design for nonprofits and small businesses.

Nonprofits have a different mission than businesses, and need a different strategy for their websites. Local businesses need a strategy that drives targeted traffic to their location.

As the internet continues to evolve, so does the content you find online. If you compare business websites today from ten years ago, you will see a noticeably large difference between them. Whereas websites used to only share contact details and product information, now they function as your online storefront.

Your website is a 24-hour marketing vehicle. It makes sense for you to invest in professional web design that entices people and shares your message. Let the web designers at Newport Marketing improve your website and give your visitors a better user experience.

Question: How often should my business redesign our website?

Answer: A website should be redesigned every 2-3 years, with content improvements and SEO optimization happening regularly. This schedule allows for your business to stay current with design trends and technology improvements. 

Question: How much does it cost to build a website?

Answer:  A do-it-yourself website can be built for a minimal dollar investment, but require time, effort, and expertise. They do not provide a guarantee of a quality website that is optimized for search engines. 

A professionally designed, built, and SEO optimized website with a responsive mobile design with about 10 website pages of information can cost between $2,500 to $5,000. 

A professionally designed, built, and SEO optimized website with a responsive mobile design and e-commerce functionality can cost between $5,000 to $25,000.

A professionally designed and built website with e-commerce functionality, live streaming video, dynamic content, database capacity, a responsive mobile design, and hosting capacity to serve millions of visitors can cost between $25,000 to over $150,000. 

Most small businesses can be very successful with a website design budget of between $5,000 to $25,000.

Have a vision for your new website? Let’s make it happen today!

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer

Many small to medium-sized business owners assume that they save more money upfront by designing their own website. But even though DIY web design works for a year or so, you might lose credibility and revenue in the long run. Professional design services are still more cost-effective.

These are the rewarding benefits of hiring an experienced web designer:

Our professional web designers combine unique plugs, codes, headers, and images that result in a favorable user experience. Work with us today.

Web Design That Achieves Your Business Goals

If there is one thing about businesses that Newport Marketing has realized, it is that each one is centered on hope — the hope to succeed and grow financially. Our mission is to turn that hope into reality through our comprehensive digital marketing solutions. And it all starts with having an attractive business website.

Allow us to develop and define your brand through professional web design. Our team of talented and creative web designers will communicate your brand identity and stay true to your business goals.

This is how your small to medium business benefits from our web design services:

Many Southern California business owners trust our quality work with real results. Let us do the same for you. Email us today for further inquiries.

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Let’s Work on Your Digital Goals

Newport Marketing offers a level of expertise that blows away your competition. Work with us and get a free SEO audit, a free marketing consult, or one hour of free nonprofit consulting every month.

Newport Marketing is a Southern California-based digital marketing agency that focuses on the success of nonprofits and small & medium businesses. We are well-versed in the digital world and committed to driving real results.

When you choose our team to grow your online presence, expect a clear and efficient way to the top of search rankings. We explore all possible options and create a digital marketing strategy that best addresses your online concerns and complements your existing digital presence. Whether you run a for-profit or nonprofit organization, our priority is your growth.

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